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Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. REI mean ’holy spirit, divine, sacred, soul, gift’. KI means life energy found in all living things.


Reiki is a holistic and natural form of healing treating the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It treats the root cause of disharmony and disease. It is a highly successful treatment for stress reduction and can evoke feelings of peace, safety, security and well-being. It can bring about emotional release, increase awareness and energy levels and create balance and harmony, leading to improved health and better outcomes in life.


How Reiki can help you:-

  • deeply relaxing

  • release tension and stress

  • accelerate the body’s self-healing abilities

  • boosts the immune system

  • raises the life energy in the body and aligns the energy centers

  • removes energy blockages and restores the natural flow of energy in the body

  • creates balance and harmony

  • promotes self-growth

  • works with mental programs and clears emotional issues

  • assists with addictions and habits

  • removes toxins and reduces side effects of medical treatment

  • assists in pain relief and illness

During a reiki treatment the client usually lies face up, fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner places their hands in various traditional hand positions gently on or above the client’s body. Pure energy flows through the Practitioner to the client and goes where it is needed most to bring about relaxation and healing.


Sensations that can be experienced during a reiki treatment are lightness, warmth and/or a slight tingling. Reiki healing is completely safe and a very pleasant and nurturing experience. Most people feel relaxed and peaceful during and after a reiki treatment. It is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during a treatment due to its gentle nature and soothing effects.

Reiki affects each person differently and the results are determined by the needs of the individual being treated.  Reiki is not a substitute for therapy, medical treatment or counselling. Reiki is complimentary and enhances most other forms of treatment. It can reduce the side effects of medical treatment, accelerate the healing process and relieve stress and reduce pain. Reiki continues to work long after a treatment.


A single Reiki treatment can help relieve stress, anxiety and relax the body. There are no time frames for chronic illness. In this case I would suggest 3-5 treatments and then reassess your condition.


Cost: 1 hour treatment  $75.00



I am offering Reiki Healing sessions from a professional massage studio in Unanderra. Appointments are available weekdays, evening and weekend. 


Distance Healing


Reiki is not limited by time and space. You can receive the healing benefits of a Reiki treatment without having to be physically present in the room.  


With your permission I will send Reiki to you using traditional Reiki symbols and connect to your energy. Please send me your full name, a photo of yourself and any specific healing requests. Reiki will always flow where it is needed most and work for your highest good.  You can sit quietly and be open to receive the healing energy at this time but it is not necessary as Reiki will reach you regardless of where you are or what at you are doing. 


Distance Reiki Healing $35.00 

Please contact me on 0403 843 895 to schedule an appointment time  and discuss your needs and healing requests.   

Gift Certificates available 


Gift Certificates now available